Do All Luxury Cars Come With Tinted Windows?

Do All Luxury Cars Come With Tinted Windows?

Do Cars Look Better With Tinted Windows?

We’ve covered vehicles with tinted windows before, but that topic involved SUVs. Now, what about luxury cars? Why do all luxury cars come with tinted windows?

Do cars really look better with tinted windows?

Luxury Car With Tint
Luxury Car With Tint

Of course.

That’s why they were made in the first place.

That idea of providing security and combatting the effects of UV rays can actually go out the window because that comes  with tinted windows are cool. And luxury cars have to be the epitome of cool to justify that outrageous price tag.

What Is Tint?

Tint is a protective layer placed on top of your windows to deflect heat, reduce UV rays  exposure and improve the general aesthetic qualities of the car. This is in no particular order of importance.

Types of Car Tints

There are different types of door tints available to the public as an aftermarket option. All of these can be used on your luxury whether as an added option before it rolls off the production line or as a replacement over time.

Dyed Tint

This is the most cost-efficient tint for your car. It basically has a dyed layer between the protective external polyester layer and the adhesive. It can block 5-50% of UV light from entering your cabin.

This is a very good type of tint provided that it was installed correctly. If not, you can expect bubbles to form or the layers to separate over time. The cheap kind of dyed tint also has a tendency of fading with constant exposure to the sunlight.

And although it blocks UV rays from entering, it can’t do the same for heat.

Metallic Tint

Metallic tint is very durable and long-lasting  thanks to the manner in which it is constructed. There’s basically a chemically-treated inner layer for blocking UV rays, a metallic protective layer for heat reflection and hue.

These layers are sandwiched between the protective topcoat  and the adhesive. This is highly resistant to scratches.

This is obviously a more expensive type of tint.

Hybrid Dyed/Metallic Tint

This has all the best qualities of the dyed tint and the metallic tint. This is basically composed of a dyed film, metabolized layers, a protective topcoat  and adhesive. It can effectively block UV rays, reduce heat and doesn’t interfere with signals coming from your mobile devices.

And another thing: It’s not as expensive as metallic tints but not as cheap as dyed tints either.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tints have a thin ceramic layer in between the protective topcoat  and the adhesive. This is considered a modern innovation for tints and has the ability to block up to 70% of UV light from entering.

It is also highly efficient for heat reduction.

You can justify the outrageous price tag with its value over time as it does not fade and is highly resistant to scratching and lifting.

Carbon Tint

Carbon tint has a matte finish and is used mostly for aesthetic purposes. The “True Black” feature also improves any car’s appearance with how sleek the finished product looks.

Aside from the cool factor, it can reflect heat, is shatter-proof and almost completely blocks out UV rays from ever entering your cabin.

It is scratch-proof , doesn’t fade, highly durable and responds well to all types of temperatures.

The trade-off: you’ll have to shell out a lot of cash for this type of tint.

Crystalline Or Clear Tint

There are people who prefer no tint at all. The only problem is without any tint, you’re fully exposed to the UV rays entering your cabin.

You don’t want that.

To get around the possible health risks of driving an un-tinted car, crystalline or clear tint films were made. This is perfect for those who like to retain a certain retro-quality to their vehicles without skimping on the sun protection.

Crystalline tint also deflects up to 97% of heat to keep you cool while still enjoying an unobstructed view of the world outside.

Surprisingly, this type of film is very affordable even if it is highly efficient against UV rays and heat. The only trade-off is there’s less privacy inside your vehicle than that of a darker tint.

Basic Pros And Cons Of Cars That Come With Tinted Windows


Cars That Come With Tinted Windows Are Cool

Who doesn’t want to have a cool looking car?

Tinted windows effectively raises the aesthetic appeal of any car, luxury or not.

So, if you want your car to look cool, get the best tint for it and watch its wow appeal go through the roof.

Cars That Come With Tinted Windows Have Better Cabins

Tinted windows shield your car from excessive UV rays. Your tinted windows can efficiently cut down up to 70% of UV rays from prematurely aging  your interior.

This effectively results in better cabins.

Say Goodbye To Harsh Bright Lights

Tint Reduces Glare From Oncoming Traffic
Tint Reduces Glare From Oncoming Traffic

Oncoming headlights and harsh sunlight are a driver’s bane. Dark tint prevents harsh light from temporarily blinding you when you drive.

Tint Is Your Security Blanket From Prying Eyes

We often leave valuables in the car. This makes it an excellent for thieves with prying eyes. This is especially true if they can easily look inside and not have to cup their faces and press it against your window to see.

A dark tint provides you enough security to keep those valuables safe inside your car.


Dark Tint Makes Night-time Driving A Challenge

Dark Tint Can Impede Your Vision At Night
Dark Tint Can Impede Your Vision At Night

In the same way that it prevents light from coming in, dark tint also prevents you from seeing outside. That’s ok for day time driving where sufficient light is present. At night, that’s where it becomes a challenging proposition to reach your destination safely.

Some States Require Only A Certain Amount Of Tint

Because tint can be restrictive to a driver’s vision, some states have imposed laws to standardize it. These laws change from state to state so you should be aware of the legal issues related to tint as you drive by each area.

Tint Prevents Pedestrians From Making Eye Contact With You

There’s a certain connection between drivers and pedestrians on the road. The ability to make eye contact is extremely important for both parties involved and too much tint restricts that.

Reactive Tint Vs Electronically Activated Tint

There are two types of innovations: Reactive Tint and Electronically Activated Tint.

Reactive Tint

Reactive tint darkens after getting exposed to sunlight. At night, the film lightens up to improve visibility. This makes it perfect for car owners who want the full protection of tint without sacrificing the ability to drive safely at night.

Electronically Activated Tint

This is still in development but can already be found in some high-end luxury cars. The basic concept of electronically activated tint is that it darkens when you flip a switch.

This gives you the convenience of having tinted windows when you need it.

Bad Tint Leads To Ruin

Tint over time fades, gets scratched, develops bubbles, lifts, and others. This happens over time. And the only way to go about it is to get your tint retouched. Leaving it as it is will prematurely age your car’s look and interior .

Now you can have your car sent back to the manufacturer (the most ideal), have your tint done by a qualified local expert (ideal) or use a DIY kit (only do this as a last recourse or if you’re extremely handy).

Good Tint Lines

The best tint installers use pre-cut computerized templates that are as close to factory spec as possible. This results in good clean lines and very little glass exposed, if there’s any.

Purple Isn’t Always A Good Color

We’ve all seen that type of shoddy workmanship. Here’s the thing: buy cheap, and you get what you pay for.

Basic tint is made of vinyl and eventually, the dye used fades over time. When it does, the result is a purple layer of unsightly film over your car’s glass windows and uneven opacity in certain areas.

You have to spend money to get good quality tint.

Bubbles Ain’t Always That Fun

Cheap tint also has a tendency to form bubbles as the adhesive wears off. This can be the result of too much sun exposure, moisture, poor workmanship, the list goes on.

These bubbles can distort your view which is very dangerous especially if you’re on a moving vehicle.

Dots: The End Of Your Tinting Story

Modern car windows have textured surfaces at the edges of their windows. A good installer knows how to go around this by sanding those dots down.

Filling them in with glue or ignoring the raised bumps will result in a poorly installed window tint that leads to creases, lines and lifting.

Defroster Bars Are 3D Too

The defroster bars on your rear window is 3D. because it is raised, you’ll have to treat it in the same manner as the dots on the edges of your glass. Press the tint as firmly as possible on this raised area to prevent lifting.

Darker Isn’t Automatically Better

Some people think that darker tint is better for their cars. As a general rule, dark tint can reduce the amount of UV rays and heat entering your car’s cabin. But, this isn’t entirely true. There are light tints that reject heat better than the dark ones sold in the market today.

So Why Do You Want To Get Your Windows Tinted?

There are many reasons why people get their cars tinted. Here are some reasons that might help you narrow down what you really want or need for your own vehicle.


The most basic reason why people get their cars tinted is for appearances’ sake. A tinted car just looks cool. A totally blacked out car raises that mystique that makes people go “whoa”.

On the other end of the spectrum, classic car lovers, go for the crystalline tint to keep that retro-cool without sacrificing their own health.

Heat Deflection

Cars often get left out in the sun, parked for too long. Upon coming back, your car can be akin to a boiling cauldron because of too much heat absorbed. To combat that, most tints are capable of deflecting heat to keep you looking cool and feeling cool.


Local Law Enforcers Don't Like Tinted Windows
Local Law Enforcers Don’t Like Tinted Windows

Dark tint keeps prying eyes from peering inside your car. That should keep your belongings safe.

Road Safety

Tinted glass can effectively cut down the glare of oncoming headlights by up to 70%.

Another inherent quality of tinted windows is that they have an additional layer of film that keeps glass from shattering into harmful shards thanks to the adhesive that holds everything together in one place.

Related Questions:

Can You Pre-order A Luxury Car Without Tinted Windows?

There are those who prefer their cars without any tint. Luxury car owners are a different breed from those buying regular cars. In an effort to serve this clientele with what they desire, luxury car manufacturers make the necessary adjustments to ensure the cars ordered are what the buyer desires.

Does Metallic Tint Really Affect Your Mobile Phone’s Reception?

Believe it or not, metallic tint like silver & gold, was used in luxury cars. It actually helped deflect heat better than film. The trade-off was, the metal interfered with cellular signals. But that was in the past, cellular signals have become stronger over time. Nowadays, this is a small problem.

Will I Still Get A Ticket If My Car Is Equipped With Clear Tint?

You have a better chance of getting away with not getting a ticket if you have a very clear tint on your car. Any darker than the usual, is still suspect for local law enforcers and you will get stopped. This is usually a routine stop and declaring you do have tint often leads to favorable  results.

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